Favorite Links

1. Cheap beauty products that make you look and feel like a million dollars according to Cosmopolitan magazine.

2. If you're in NYC for NYFW and in need of some solitude in the noisy city, here's where to find peace and quiet in the big apple.

3. Are you at that threshold in college or maybe thinking of a career change and not sure what to really major in or take up? Here's a list of career choices to avoid and some great suggestions on the best alternatives.

4. These skin tightening secrets really opened my eyes. Some great tips on what will help you avoid having to undergo cosmetic surgery. Such topics are starting to be of interest to me more and more as each year passes by. Early prevention is the best medicine, so every little tip helps.

5. All my fellow foodies who love to photograph and post your meals on Instagram! Here's a nifty guide to using Instagram filters by Urbanspoon explaining which filter is best to showcase your delectable.


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