Favorite Links

1. One of fall's must-have fragrance. I love anything with a sweet undertone and when it's complemented with a touch of warm notes, it makes it all the more seductive and elegant. Just a spritz is needed for a night out.
2. Ways to sweeten without sugar. Such great alternatives for a person like me with a major sweet tooth and would be happy eating desserts for breakfast (pass the crème brulee please), lunch (anything that's a mouse, gelato) and dinner (crème puffs, cheesecake)....
3. Please let this babysitting dog story help you trust your animal's instincts in the future to act quickly.
4. Having experienced one of these awful things recently (Move #5 - I guess there's always a first time for everything) - make sure to go over these 10 awful things that movers do before committing to any moving company.
5. 6 steps to a perfectly made up face. As an individual who keeps things minimal, who's clueless about makeup and doesn't have a village prettying me up, I like documenting these tips because every now and then I'd like to know exactly what to do to get that Hollywood star look for special occasions and events.

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