Grateful Moments

{One of the greatest spots for a leisurely afternoon}
It's been several months now and I am still bogged down with a packed schedule.  I have been trying to put a dent in my endless to-do lists but it seems like the pile has not diminished one iota! This rut has left me feeling uninspired, and overwhelmed - I knew it was time to leave the home office/all the projects behind and went out to get some fresh air. So for the past couple of days I decided to break the cycle a bit by being 'out n about' doing some of my favorite things (things that refresh, renew my mind) like, exploring my surroundings, window shopping, sitting at quaint cafés for some tea with macarons, and I even went for some guac and chips with a nice margarita at a local restaurant that had outdoor seating so that I could watch all the interesting people as they strolled along. I felt so renewed by being in the outdoors that I plan to do more of that this weekend. Whatever your taste in leisure pursuits, make your weekend upbuilding and enjoyable.

{My cool vintage finds this week...doesn't this picture make you want to have a high tea party?}
{Slowly collecting vintage decanters for my bar cart}

{I just love good hotel soap - it's one of those things that make me smile from inside out}

{Quaint cafés with sidewalk seating just bring me back to vacationing in France and Tuscany: pure joie de vivre}
 Have a nice weekend!

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