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Indian Floral Tunic

Indian silk floral tunic, Grey skinnies (similar here), Marc Jacobs bag (very old and completely worn out), BCBG heels, Ulta sunnies (old...featured here, here), Mixed jewelry, Teal cocktail ring - c/o Moe

This is what I already miss about my beloved city New York. It's the only city I know that you go in to get your eyebrows threaded and come out with a one of a kind silk tunic. As I walked down these narrow steep stairs to a small back room to get my eyebrows done, I was pleasantly surprised to have found that it also was a shop full of beautiful garbs, colorful slippers full of intricate details, sandals, pretty fancy bejeweled heels and tunics for men and women in the most beautiful hues. As soon as my feet hit the floor from the last step, my eyes laser beamed straight to this luxurious silk yellow/lime green tunic that I just couldn't pass up. The fabric is so light, silky and super comfy. It's such a versatile piece that can be paired with so many pieces. I just love it!



Happy Monday!

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