Candlelight Fireplace

Nothing screams fall more than a nice crackling fire burning in the hearth. Unfortunately, not every home comes with one. But that's never stopped me from enjoying the effect of having the warm cozy glow of a fireplace. In fact, years ago when we purchased our first home it wasn't properly insulated which secretly I didn't mind because first, I knew we were renovating and second, I knew we had to invest in an electric fireplace affectionately known as "our potbelly stove". It served us well for many years until we sold it recently and it went to another home to warm up. I think of its journey as the 'traveling pot belly stove.'

When I saw this pretty faux fireplace hearth in the place we're in now, I knew immediately I'd fill it with candles as I've done it many times before in the past since I have an affinity for candles. So, if you don't have a real fireplace, you can still create the effect by either investing in an electric fireplace, or if you have a faux fire hearth - why not fill it with different height candles* for visual interest and for your warming pleasure as seen here in our west coast place. The glow of a fire adds such coziness to a home and gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling all over;). However, if you're apprehensive about the flames of actual candles, there are many pretty other options such as LED battery operated candles (like here, here, here and these would be great change for the winter months) that will give the same effect without the danger.

I'm pretty sure I'll be adding more to this bunch so they can all meld onto each other eventually.

*NOTE: Never leave lit candles unattended and around children or pets.

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