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DIY: Bejeweled Bottle Topper

I'm a person that hates clutter or keeping around unnecessary items that have not been used in a year. At the same time I hate to waste, so I find myself recycling many things like, pretty jars, funky/oddly shaped bottles and condiment containers that can be used for storing other items in a visually appealing fashion. Like this clear curvy 'almost in the shape of tower of Pisa' bottle that we bought in Capri a few years ago.  It was filled with one of my favorites- creamy limoncello. It's one of those bottles that I'd never toss for obvious reasons - one, because it reminds me of our lovely trip to Capri and second, its shape and texture is very unique. Recently, I've been rebottling some of our liqueurs from their non-exciting bottles to prettier decanters, prepping them for my newest fun non-traditional bar cart find that I can't wait to share with you guys pretty soon. I thought the blue HPNOTIQ liqueur would look so much better in that curvaceous fluid bottle, and what's more, a bedazzled topper would be the crown jewel. Its blue hue reminds me of a beautiful shapely woman wearing an ice blue gown dripped in diamonds twinkling amidst a crowd at a this case, the crowd of all the bottles on the bar cart.

5 simple items needed: Embellishment, glue gun, wine stopper, wine funnel and a pretty bottle.

1. Pour your liqueur in your preferred bottle using a decanting funnel. I'd suggest to do it after you've already applied your embellishment atop your bottle cap. In my case, I poured it before simply because I got a little too excited at working on this project and didn't think about it until after I was gluing my embellishment as can be seen in the photos. Pure imperfection. What can I tell ya.
2. Apply glue on top of (chosen) bottle cap and piece of jewel.


3. Adhere your jewel atop of your bottle cap and apply pressure until it's dry.

4. Replace your old liqueur bottle with a fashionable air tight wine topper, if you still have liqueur remaining in the old bottle as I did.
...Some great tips on properly storing your liqueurs.

...Here are a few cool bottle toppers that I really like:


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