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Fall Wish List: Handbags and Satchels

Did you hear? Today is 'National Handbag Day!' In honor of that, I thought I'd list a few from my wish list this season. As frugal as I am with my cash when it comes to handbags, I don't mind spending my money because that's a purchase that will last a good 10+ years when properly maintained. Besides, I find it very difficult to find bags that I truly feel are worth the cash unless the following criteria are met:

* Easy access into the bag with one fell swoop of the hand.
* The handles must be able to fit over my shoulder.
* Texture must be soft/buttery to the touch - can't be too slouchy.
* Must have lots of inside and outside pockets for easy access to keys, snacks and   
   necessary feminine items. A pretty interior lining is definitely a bonus.

That's why I was thrilled with my fall season purchase of this Zac Posen satchel. What was your favorite handbag purchase this fall?

1. Givenchy shiny smooth leather bag $2,510 (my favorite!)
2. Milly Makenna watersnake black and white tote $495
3. Kate Spade New York large maise satchel $373.99
4. ASOS Leather Fringe tote in colorblock  $126.57
5. Milly Reece tote bag $387.50

Which one of these is your favorite?

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