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Galvanized Tray Stand To Bar Cart Makeover

Ever since I turned my small butler table into a mini bar cart here, I've been keeping my eye out for a real vintage brass gold bar cart like this one, here and here. On the rare  occasions that I did stumble upon some bar carts, they were either astronomical, or didn't draw me - until, I was browsing for plants at what I'd call a state-of-the art landscape facility (I'll share photos with you just to show you what I mean) and saw this galvanized tray stand in the back of the store with pretty varied size vases displayed on it.  I said to the hubby "this would make an ideal, unexpected (just how I like things) bar cart...", and he said: "if you think so, let's get it." I gave it a double look and thought, 'all it needs is a coat of metallic gold paint on the legs and the tray rim to give it a dash of glam. Definitely an exciting addition to our dining room that would make a great conversation piece in its unexpected environment as opposed to serving its true purpose as a plant stand. Since I know it's going to live in one corner of our dining room and would never be moved to any other area of the house, I didn't mind it not having any wheels. Just staying true to being unique in fashion as well as in my décor.

 To add a little sparkly shimmer - I used my gold jewel nail polish on the tray's rim  

In the process of styling this particular one, I just followed a few simple rules:

~ One, I didn't want to overcrowd it even though it has the room for storing a lot of bottles. I selected the prettier bottles that I felt were display worthy including this recent bejeweled diy.

~ Secondly, I added some pretty season appropriate cocktail napkins, shaker, a pretty large blue glass vase turned ice bucket, tong, an antique key bottle opener, red and white striped paper straws in a mercury glass vase, fresh flowers and fresh lemons to add color, interest and make it all look beautiful. But I know things on here will be in constant rotation as I see fit for each entertaining occasion.

I've since added a few of the following pieces that I was missing in my bar arsenal:

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