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Home Office Wall Gallery

For years now, no matter how big or small my living spaces have been, I've always adored the look of a few well-edited sentimental, meaningful photos arranged as a gallery wall display (see here and here). I just love the feeling that it evokes by looking at it. It makes your home feel layered and lived in. Instead of having every photograph I own in  small frames on a table say - I much prefer having them displayed on a wall. I simply hand select the most significant ones and place them in varied sized frames allowing the pictures center stage as it were. It's a great way for me to dispel my homesickness by keeping photographs of my beloved city of NY on my wall across from my desk that I can fondly look at on a daily basis. 

Wall before...

Eventually, I'm going to change the credenza's handles to nice gold ones just for a more classy updated look. And I'm still working on sewing pillow covers for the chairs on the side of the credenza before their full debut. So stay tuned for some more décor reveal as the place evolves because I constantly find ways to improve things to their fullest potential. Why not, right?!  Beautiful things make life enjoyable.

Wall after...

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