The Unexpected Discovery at a Plant Nursery

A few weeks ago, I was feeling blah and uninspired. I thought to myself 'why don't I get out of my home office and go look for some pretty fall plants for the house to lift my spirits.' The hubby and I made our way to this nursery that we've driven by quite a few times but really never had the time to stop in. As soon as we inched closer inside, we quickly realized that this place wasn't really your typical nursery with rows and rows of plain terra cotta pots, dirt and plants, but more like what I would I consider a 'boutique' nursery where you find one of a kind items as well as vintage home accessories. Suffice to say, that just browsing through the small aisles of the store instantly revived my wilted soul that day - honestly, I didn't want to leave. I think I might have told one of the sales associates that 'I wanted to live there.' Her response was: "be my guest!" The place felt so cozy with all its plush cottage-y types of furnishings, unique vintage lamps, antlers, vignettes, and shimmery vintage vases which totally put some pep in my steps to the point that I literally wanted to skip about in the store...aaah...[giggles]. I was so inspired by every corner in there. In the end though, instead of coming home with plants, I scored this unexpected piece that now resides in a corner of our home serving a well-appreciated function reminding me/us daily of the experience being in this store. Isn't it amazing how sometimes you leave your house with one intended purpose, but totally experience the most unexpected turn of events - at times for the better? I love when that happens, especially when it ends on a positive note.

Have you made any exciting discoveries like this recently?

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