DIY: Cat Eye Print Curtains

In our place, we have some windows that give off beautiful light. However, our bathroom one looks out into someone else's window, so privacy is important without sacrificing the flood of sunlight. It was very difficult to find the right type of fabric to fulfill both needs. Thankfully, Ikea came to the rescue with a sheer that's a tight weave cotton, but has the feel and look of linen and works perfectly for both functions. I wanted a little interest in the room, so the plain white wasn't cutting it for me. At first, I thought of painting some wide horizontal stripes onto the fabric using fabric paint. I even thought of tie-dye, but didn't have time to experiment with that and the hubby wasn't feeling my stripes idea. I eventually set my eyes on the cat eye pattern. I found a pattern online, printed it on a sturdy piece of stock paper, made a cutout and then traced it onto my curtains which I had shortened for the bathroom window. But this was one of those projects that I totally underestimated the amount of time it would take to finish. I thought it was going to take about a day from start to finish, but it took a whole weekend with very few breaks in between for necessary things like, cooking, eating and such... It's a project that I'd put in the moderately difficult category.

However, I strongly feel that when you take the time to put your own stamp in your home whether it be through DIYs, or other touches that reflect your personal style, it adds meaningful expressions of individuality reflecting one's passion and true self. So it's really worth it when the end result is satisfying. I just wish, I had more time to work on all the many ideas and projects that I long to do!

What are your favorite personal touches in your home?

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