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1. Imagining the 20 ultimate things to do in NYC, besides all the other endless attractions there are to revel in, leaves me to believe that this is the best city in the world! 

2. Did you realize that many on Twitter are just silent? I was flabbergasted with this survey!

3. I've been daring with a little bit of makeup the last two days (which is really putting on mascara for me), so this chart of the right eye shadow for your eye color is just brilliant and was found at the right time.

4. Anything that is stylishly chic and offers a positive message - I'm all over it like white on rice, and these glass magnets are no different. They make such perfect gifts. Now you know what I want {*wink, wink*}. 

5. Gilded pumpkins like these are just glam-tastic! A must- DIY for next fall for sure!  

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