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Grateful Moments

{Welcome mat + a pot of pretty fall flowers placed at the front door = we're staying a while}

It's that time of year again where we say goodbye to longer days and warm nights. It's so bittersweet having to turn the clock back an hour this Sunday. It's sweet: because you gain that extra hour of sleep; Bitter: cause now it gets darker much earlier duping you into thinking it's time to get in bed when it's only 7 O'clock. But with that said, I'm grateful for the extra hour of cuddling under my feather down comforter nonetheless. Part of my weekend will be spent going shopping with a girlfriend, then afterwards, dinner with our spouses in the evening. I wish you all a weekend filled with laughter, good company and flavorful savory food.

{The most heartwarming unexpected gift set of earrings from a friend}

{Cozy dinner by the window at one of our favorite places after a day of shopping}

{Finally getting into the groove of going to the Farmers Market}

{It's always a happy moment when we discover a cafe/restaurant worthy of mention around here. One with inviting decor playing music that makes you feel like you're in Paris is just even more heavenly!}

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