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Grateful Moments

{Unexpected gifts from friends are the best kind}

This has been a week filled with a healthy dose of great conversations and many deep seated laughs talking to some good friends that are more like family back in NY. Moments like these make you feel so grateful for having real genuine people in your life. Even more exciting is knowing that in a few weeks the hubby and I will have our home full of these friends visiting us, which really makes my homesickness a little less biting. So I've been mentally preparing a menu for the days we will be dining in and planning an itinerary as we play tour guides. Happy weekend!

{This cowhide zebra chair is just plain amazing}

{Natural elements in a home design is what makes a house a home }

{My pretty cool finds from our last day trip}

{A sweet treat after midday shopping at the farmers market - organic pistachio ice cream}

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