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Grateful Moments

{Spotted: the most amazing chandelier - I imagine this in my future entryway}

Happy Friday! After a long week of running around and receiving shocking news of a friend's sudden death by a freak accident at UCLA, I'm praying for an easy weekend - one of exploring and mental decompression. Hopefully. Life is fleeting, so it's important to create and enjoy the moments that take the sting off the pressures of daily living.

{Only a few months ago: I miss my drives to Jones many memories}

{Such a brilliantly aesthetic way to keep an otherwise unsightly necessity}

{NYC: moody restaurant + good company + a flaming Mai Tai = my happiness!}

{As I experienced this all week - I can attest to the truthfulness of this choose your words wisely. How much more constructive it is when we choose to upbuild others with our words, instead of tearing them down. Be kind in words, deeds and thoughts}

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