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Wide Leg Pants + An Asymmetrical Haircut

Larry Levine black palazzo pants (oldie but goodie - similar), Vintage lace top (totally loving this), Suede pumps (similar - I so want this pair),  Bebe fold over snake clutch (an oldie -got my eye on this one),

This was such a busy day running around from one meeting to the next, totally felt like I was on a New York city pace. We had a client luncheon and a slew of errands from one end of the earth to the next and with traffic here, everything seems to take twice the time. Finally made it home by the skin of my teeth, refreshed a bit, and got picked up by a girlfriend for our ladies night out.

On another note: About over a month ago, after being fed up with dealing with a salon that charges you a different price every time you go, to do the same thing (only to leave my hair all snapped up), I decided to ask a couple of friends if they knew a good hair salon where I could go for a basic wash, blow-dry and a trim. A friend told me 'I found a great place for you, my son and husband have been going to her, and she swears she's done everyone's hair including, "famous people."' I got excited thinking yay, this is one less stressful thing that I have to contend with in this new town. I quickly made an appointment.

I arrived at her salon (which happened to be in her home), and she seemed really sweet. We chatted away about all kinds of things while she washed my hair, blow dried it and then proceeded to give me the most horrific haircut that I have ever gotten. Mind you, that's after I asked her so many times if she knew how to give a good 1/4 inch trim straight, not in layers.  She assured me, "of course!" and I ended up with an asymmetrical hair cut as you've probably already noticed in the pictures. Seeing my hair in these photos made me realize how much worse the cut looks. Normally, I curl my hair so it's not so noticeable, but this day, I had no time. I know they usually say to go back to the salon to have someone else fix it. In this case, that wasn't an option and I would never let that lady ever touch my hair again. I think she might be a serial killer of hair and should be arrested. She was not only bad at giving a basic trim, but she didn't properly wash out the conditioner from my hair. Recently I found a much better place that I'm happy with. Thank goodness for that, cause as you ladies know - it's all about the hair, right?

Now onto what I'm wearing: I think the pants was one of my first purchases when I started a corporate job at 18 years old on wall street, acquired through an internship program at BMCC college. I felt so grown up then, and felt even better when I put those pants on for the way they feel. They make you forget you're wearing anything. As I went down memory lane donning those on last week, after a few minutes wearing them, it dawned on me why they still look brand new - they are a lint magnet, but they're such a favorite, that I can't part with them just yet. The soft stretch knit, low sating trim waist, button detail front and elegant wide flared legs offer a flattering look - putting them in the essential trousers category.

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