Black Gold Stripes

Turtle neck sweater (similar here), Vintage lace sweater, Shimmery leggings (also worn here - similar), Charlotte Ronson over the knee suede boots (on sale right now at 40%), Mirrored aviator sunglasses (some cool affordable options), Banana Republic necklace + earrings, Mixed gold bangles + BCBG dream rose gold leather bracelet

I'm one of those rare people that prefer the cold weather over hot summer days. Our day trip to the mountains really helped me to remember why. As soon as we hit that crisp icy air when we arrived at the summit, it felt as if my chest opened right up and completely cleared all the pollution/soot right out of my lungs. The 'little man with a hammer' that's constantly pummeling away on my neck and shoulders finally took a break {insert a big sigh of relief here;}. Breathing that refreshing cold air immediately put me in a very relaxed and happy mood! Then again, I'm a December baby. That also might explain my affinity for the cold, other than the fact that it's a really pretty season, especially when everything is covered in icicles, glistening like the twinkle of stars. My sweater layer combination was just the right amount of thickness to not have been too much, but light enough where I could feel the cool air filtering through the layers of clothes.

Happy Monday!

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