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1. One of my best memories is spending a day strolling New York's best flea markets.

2. Looking for a job can be such a drag and many times could be disheartening - that's why these 30 motivational quotes for job seekers are a great morale booster for those not so thrilling days of job hunting.

3. Did you ever think that your beauty products could be affecting your endocrine system? Something that I wish I knew sooner. Knowledge is power...time to make wiser choices.

4. One of the most inspirational people on TV that gets my days off to a great start whenever I'm in a funk. Most days, I wish they were spent with her (I'd do anything to work at that show), but for now, I just settle for video interviews such as this just to get my dose.

5. The most clever, inexpensive toxic-free cleaning agent idea that I am going to try immediately. 

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