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Give The Gift Of Relaxation

Reading is one of the best ways to relax. It's been said that 'even six minutes is enough to cut stress by more than two-thirds'. In this day and age who doesn't face stress? I'm sure we all know someone, ourselves included, that at times desperately needs some kind of reprieve to regroup. So what better way to give someone we love the gift of relaxation than by means of a few pampering items to help them enjoy a peaceful day. A cozy day under a soft plush blankie, soothing candle light, along with a hot cup of tea accompanied by some sweet treats with a book in hand is one of the ultimate days of rest. Knowing the benefit that can be reaped by treating oneself to such a day, I wanted to share a few of my favorite simple gift items that have made it easy to immerse oneself in a day of relaxation.

1.Gray faux-fur ombre throw is such a luxury item to cozy up with on a couch in the winter months. ($99)

2. Ten different signature teas to sip on. ($15)

3. This plaid mug set (these are lovely too) is a beautiful classic that is not only currently on trend, but pretty to look at. ($26)

4. An oldie, but goodie copper tea kettle with a modern touch makes brewing hot water a lot more fun. ($110.99)

5. I've heard some good things about this book, and it's on my 'to read  list'. ($30)

6. Any fig scented candle is a win win for me, but with the addition of gold dots, this is the most chic gift one could ever receive for a candle -and there is a bonus: the jar can make a great flower vase afterwards. ($40)

7. Assorted box of ganache adds to the indulgence of an ultimate relaxing day of reading while sipping on a hot cup of tea. ($35)

8. Now, tea time wouldn't be a luxurious experience without the addition of some playful graphic linen tea towels. ($18)

9. These delectable macarons sitting on a delicate plate on your reading table alongside your cup of tea creates what I like to call 'life's happy moments'. ($45)

10. I can't think of anything that brings comfort to the feet than these plush comfy ankle socks. When you walk from your couch to the kitchen to grab your tea and back to the couch, it will be like walking on fluffy clouds. ($19) 

Here are some more thoughtful gifts that can make a relaxing day enjoyable...

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