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Grateful Moments

{I'm in desperate need of such colorful art on my walls}

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week. Life has been a whirlwind around here lately, but so much has been troubling my mind that I seem to just let out a sigh every now and then. Starting with the untimely shocking freak accidents of Paul Walker,and Bill Beckwith, as well as dealing with a very ill mother-in-law, you can't help but feel more appreciative for the things that you do have. It is so important to remember how fleeting and unpredictable life is. While at times, you can get caught up in the moment, always wanting more just because that's what society equates as being successful, the reality of sudden tragedies and/or threatening conditions jolts you right back to what truly matters and put things into perspective real fast. Speaking of what truly matters, I'm so looking forward to starting the weekend with an elegant girl's night out, and the anticipation of out of town visitors from NY this week is exactly what I need. The visit will be a much needed time of enjoyable dinners, a planned wine and cheese party at our place, playing tour guide, and visiting some of our favorite wineries to which I can hardly wait! Have a great weekend! Enjoy your loved ones.

{Wynn Hotel: One of the best hotel stays on the Las Vegas strip}

{A lovely dinner at Lakeside Restaurant}

{Another unique gift from the mother-in-law: a beautiful four compartment golden serving dish}

{One of my happiest moments is making breakfast in the morning}

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