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Grateful Moments

{A sweet, thoughtful card from a friend sitting on my inspiration board}

As I've been dealing with a sick in-law, it helps you to appreciate the wisdom of preventative health care. Sometimes, we might feel it's not necessary, but that does not take into consideration other factors that come along with the neglect of our health - others suffer. Situations like this help me realize that there are at least two things that can motivate us to stay healthy: 1) having a real purpose in life and 2) a positive outlook. These are a few things that inspired me and that I am grateful for.

{Another unexpected and most precious gift from Israel}

{The twinkly Grove at night time}

{Such an amazing hostess gift that now sits on our breakfast table in our kitchen}

{I love everything about this. Such a beautiful vignette/color scheme - I was elated seeing this while driving}

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