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J.Crew schoolboy blazer, French Connection striped sweater top (also seen here - similar), Grey skinnies (also seen here), Limelight slouch cowboy boots (also seen here), Long necklace (similar), Mirrored aviator sunglasses (similar), 

Growing up I've always leaned towards styles that make me feel good the minute I laid my eyes on them. No matter how much others tried to persuade me otherwise or browbeat me with their glares, ultimately I often followed my own fashion sense and have been deemed "being unique". Instead of developing an insecure complex, I've actually embraced being called "unique" for I recognized it only meant that I was simply different, and not devoid of my own individual personality that I was bestowed with. Sticking to your own identity shows that you have self respect - allowing yourself to express your own femininity. It's okay to be different.

On another note: These photos bring such good memories of this day, which I can use right now while dealing with this at the moment...

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