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Vogue Gallery Wall

If you've been following my musings on this site, by now you've noticed my love for gallery walls (posted herehere, and here). Instead of waiting for when my budget allows for the purchase of the fine art that I'd like hanging on my walls, I opt to create gallery wall art with photos that inspire me and make my heart happy upon laying my eyes on them around my house. Case in point, last year I received a vogue calendar in the mail and fell in love with almost every one of the monthly beautiful vintage photos from the past, and as the year ended, I couldn't bring myself to throw the calendar in the trash. I wanted to salvage those lovely prints as I feel like they mentally transfer me back in time to a happier era. On a shopping excursion at Ikea one day, I came across these unexpected gold frames (to which I was like "way to go Ikea with adding some more modernized frames to your otherwise bland frame collections..."). As soon as I arrived home from the store, I cut out the photos from the calendar and inserted them into the frames.

Being that I have a decent-sized wall space above my bathtub, I was debating how to bring life to it as well as divert attention away from the unsightly Pepto-Bismol pink mixed with baby blue tiles in the 1920's bathroom that we can't do anything about since we're currently renting. I realized those photos would lend themselves perfectly to that style of bathroom. So after painting the walls a soft grey color called 'Billowing Clouds' (although in these photos the lighting makes the wall color appears like a dusty blue, in actuality, it's really a soft grey) to tone down things a bit in there, I chose the layout shown which I really like. And now it is the first thing I look at every morning as I get ready.

I just love the brightness that this simple arrangement brings to my bathroom wall AND best of all, I didn't let that great calendar go to waste - what a way to upcycle things, right?!

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