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Wine and Cheese Party

While our good friend from NY was here, I took advantage of one of the nights to throw a small intimate wine and cheese shindig as a way to introduce our new acquaintances to one of our old friends. I've always found that one of the ways to adjust better in a new environment is by hosting small, quaint gatherings as they are perfect opportunities to get to know new people on a much more personal level. By including old friends in the mix, it will give your new acquaintances a different perspective of your personality as they'll see what kind of people you surround yourself with, and will be a great way for everyone to bond together. Besides, an evening with good food, good wine and wonderful company is bound to be an amazing time (in my world anyway;). Now, I'd like to share a glimpse into that evening by means of a few fun snapshots.

The hubby and I decided on six types of wines, each paired with a cheese that would enhance the flavor of the wine. For the sake of giving my guests an idea how to pair the cheese and condiments, I decided to set the table into two categories. One side of the table was the red wine along with cheese and condiment pairings and the other side of the table had the white (and) sweet wine with their own cheese/condiment pairings. Also, knowing how important it is to boost hydration while drinking, I set up glasses and water bottles for my guests on my dining room sideboard.


On a side note: I'm starting to realize that I'm one of a very few that loves white sweet wine, although I'm finding some of my ultimate favorites are essentially getting too sweet even for me now. Uh oh, what does that mean? Does that mean I'm becoming an adult wine drinker? Has it already been seven years and now my palate is changing? These types of things/studies make me nervous sometimes. I love what I love because they make me happy, and I want to keep it that way.

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