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Winter Agenda

First day of winter is tomorrow you guys!  2013 is almost out for the count. How many of you out there really enjoy a nice snowy wintry day as I do? (I know my hubby hates snow and the cold - while I enjoy it all). This year we'll be spending our winter in a much warmer climate, which means the joy of watching snow fall while sipping on a hot cup of creamy chocolate will not be in this chapter of our lives, unless we make it happen by fulfilling goal No.6 on my agenda below. But I hear the winter in southern California consists of a lot of rain which I also enjoy, so at least I can still get to have cozy lazy rainy days on the couch while watching my favorite movies or TV shows.

December is such a bittersweet month depending on how you fared the last eleven months. I really deem it the reflective month of the year, cause when you think about it, December really kind of forces you to take time to look back and assess what's happened in the past year of your life - whether or not we've accomplished all that was hoped for when the year began. How have you done? Hopefully, you've fared well. Mine wasn't too shabby. I'm grateful, that I'm still here to even be typing this - that's an achievement. But personally, over all, I make it a matter of choice not to focus on what I didn't get to accomplish because honestly that's always a tall order. If I really paid undue attention to everything that I didn't get to do, I'd be a mad woman - like, Madea goes to jail mad. Rather, I find it to be a much healthier choice mentally to reflect on how the year went in general, and then set my mind on how I can improve things that didn't quite work out so well, or that I'd still like to do. The most efficient way I've found to make things more concrete is by writing them down - making an agenda on what needs to be done helps to alleviate stress and gives a bulls-eye goal as it were, to zone in on for the upcoming new year. Think about it, if we don't set goals or write them down and then place them in a spot that we can actually see them every day, how can we possibly achieve our expectations?

1. While I'm here on the west coast, I'd love to find those amazing vintage furniture shops that I've always heard about and/or seen on TV in the days of Kristan Cunningham on the Design on a Dime show. Haven't had much success of finding real good ones yet.

2. Organize/style my sizable linen closet including dried lavender in mercury glass vases alongside a small pile of well-folded hand-towels and fragrant handmade soaps on a silver tray.

3. Get our place completely done to where it feels homey for the duration that we are in CA.

4. Complete the menu list and welcome tray for our NYC visitors.

5. Curtail the time spent on my iPhone and laptop. This is a biggie!

6. I would like to go back to Big Bear to get my snow fix, but this time rent a cabin with a huge crackling brick fireplace to sit by while sipping on creamy hot cocoa.

7. Replace all my unsightly file folders in my file cabinet with the new colorful file folders I bought almost a year ago.

8. Sort through my winter clothes to see what items can be donated or have seen better days and bid farewell.

9. Still want to take that photography class so I can really understand how to use my camera, cause I'm still not quite happy with how my photos come out.

10. Looking to revamp my website and streamline/update it for a much easier navigation.

11. I want to complete all those unfinished reads that I have piled up.

12. Get back to a consistent exercise routine again.

I'd love to hear what's on your agenda this winter? Have you made one yet?

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