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Add Visual Interest Using Old Antique Frames

This selection of old frames was recently picked up at an antique store around town. They were relatively inexpensive, and an easy project to update in less than an hour's time. After a quick dusting and one coat of antique gold paint, they now fill the blank space on my bedroom and living room walls - adding a textural element that creates a sense of dimension and visual interest. This is a great solution for dead wall space for those who might not have the budget to purchase expensive artwork.

The smallest frame found its way on to my work in progress - an eclectic wall of animal heads in our living room. Adding to its elegance, even my gazelle's horns from ZGallerie got a touch of gold using the same paint from this diy project.

AND now this wall in our bedroom doesn't feel so bare any longer. All just after spending a few dollars, adding a couple of strokes of gold paint on the old antique frames (the gold metallic paint used on these two projects) and some ingenuity. If I stumble upon some more interesting old frames, this wall might get some additions, but for now, I think I like the simple understated look of it.

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