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Decor Details Around The Home

Decor Details That A rental home

Life in this world is not only serious, but can be hard to deal with. One of the many ways I've been able to cope is by keeping my surroundings as appealing and happy as possible. As a child, due to my father's business I grew up moving from one house to the next, but these places never felt like other words, a place that felt safe, nurturing and protective. As a result of this, very early on when I had control over my life, I always made sure that where I lived wasn't just a place where you reluctantly go to just to eat/sleep and do your business, but a place I could find comfort. Though this past year I'd taken on an innumerable amount of diy projects, all those personalized details injected our own personality into the space, which has made a big difference in making it feel more like"home" rather than just a rental. The majority of the time, I decorate by instinct and stick to what makes both my husband and I happy and our friends feel welcome. I have an affinity for things that make me feel good or pieces that put a smile on my face whether it be a vintage painting, old vintage frames, motorcycles picked up from a trip to Mexico, a non-traditional bar cart, happy colors from our bright canary yellow draperies in the living room, or an eclectic wall of animal heads and frames. You'll find our place to be one filled with pieces that are warm, inviting and makes you feel good to be there. I thought I'd share some of those decor details around our little humble abode with you here:

To be honest though, I never thought that we would miss being home owners so much, even with the all the responsibilities of the constant upgrading and repairs that come with owning - those issues are still more satisfying than just dealing with someone else's problematic rental property. In our couple of years back in the renting scene we've come to realize that the benefits of owning far outweigh the cons and is in fact more cost effective. Besides, having owned two homes, I think it's now in our our blood to have our own home instead of paying someone else's mortgage in addition to the headaches that come along with renting.

Personally, I feel perfection is in the attention to those little details. When decorating be sure that your personality is clearly evident through the decor choices in your space. Thank you for reading. Hope your year has begun with much laughter, happiness and success.

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