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Downton Abbey's Return

So Downton Abbey returns this Sunday folks. For the longest time, I never even heard of this show until at one point it seemed to have been all that people talked about on Twitter. So I set out to learn what this Downton Abbey was all about, and could not find it for the life of me on any channel. Finally a friend who came over for dinner, told me it's not called 'Downtown' Abbey that it was 'downton abbey'. Once more, a search for the show went under way for a good twenty minutes or so to find out it was disguised under "Masterpiece Classic." Now, how was I supposed to know that!? The tweethearts never really specified those little important details. {insert lips to the side emoji here}

Anyway, back to the show's return. I love everything about the show - the scenery, the fashion, the decor,'s all dreamy. In fact, I live like this in my mind, except for one minor (or should I say major) problem. The accents make it difficult to follow the dialogue, which makes it hard to fully grasp what's going on and get connected to any of the characters. So I'm not yet sure if I'm totally committed to the show. Am I the only one who doesn't understand, or are some of you finding that to be the case? Could it also be because my discovery of this show wasn't until its fourth season? How about you? How do you find the show?

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