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I'm In a New York State of Mind


As we've been faced with this ordeal, I find myself in great need of comfort. In order to avoid becoming overly sad while sitting at the hospital, I turned to Pinterest for a quick mental respite and was happy when I came across a pin board full of NYC photos. Just looking at the amazing architectural details and colors of those famous NYC buildings there - aah, it  took my heart from a tightened state to an elated one in just a matter of seconds; bringing back such great memories that immediately made me feel so much better. But of course, as expected browsing Pinterest, one click leads to the next and I eventually landed on a Paris pin board, which transitioned my mind from NYC to dreaming of Paris. That's a post that I'll save for a later time as I need to hit the hay to get some well-needed zzzzzzzzzzz's. Click here for more NYC inspo.

When can I move in? 

If you too are going through some difficult trials right now, I hope this post gives you some tranquility while you make sure to take a mental breather every now and then to maintain balance and good health. May you find peace and rest.

Yes, yes, and yes (3 times) for emphasis! Couldn't have it said any better. AND, it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy my life wherever else I may be either.

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