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Kitchen Shelf Display {Before & After}

I've always been drawn to older style houses, specifically the 1920s for their unique character and charm - one of the main reasons why I was attracted to our place. It's full of details that just speaks to you in a comforting sort of way that I can't explain; like the old faux fireplace in the living room, the wainscoting in the dining room, the french pane windows (that reminds me of the type in downton abbey with the exception of them opening on the inside, eating up precious room space), the large wide molding, a long narrow kitchen that leads into a small breakfast nook drawing your eye to its small narrow corner shelving (as shown) and dark colored wood floors. Now the bathroom on the other hand, though charming, still has its original pink and baby blue tiles which was a bit jarring at first until, after a few sprucing details it's now looking a lot easier on the eye.

When I first saw the shelves in the breakfast nook, I was thinking, 'what can I put on there without making it look like grandma's house?' (Not that there's anything wrong with grandma's style, but we want to save that nostalgia only for when we visit grandma - never would we want to wear out that special feeling). After living with them empty for a several months, I realized the way to awaken the charismatic details was to use some favorite items that were hidden away in cabinets that I'd enjoy looking at every day instead of just on special occasions. Being that I'm a huge advocate that pretty things should be seen and displayed;  little by little, I started pulling out a few gold rim plates and dishes (similar) that were just hidden away in the sideboard of my dining room, and began playing with the placement on the shelves, mixing them with other objects that not only tell a story about what we're about, but also add interest and texture, such as my dazzling gold pine cone salt and pepper shakers.

Thus far, this is what it looks like for now. I'm sure I'll edit things on and off with each season (as it is, I've already changed out some things...). For the spring/summer seasons, I'm thinking of possibly adding small potted succulent plants on one of the shelves to bring life into the space, or even a casual grouping of fresh blooms in a variety of small recycled vases/bottles. I mean, the possibilities are endless! Bottom line is to look at any unused space with creative eyes; as a way to collect different objects around the home that might not make a big impact alone, but when arranged together, can make a great conversation piece, telling your story. This also served a dual purpose as it opened up precious space in the cabinets for extra storage.

Also shown here

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