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Start The New Year Off With The Right Attitude

"It is impossible to make good use of your time without a set of well-defined goals."

I couldn't help but think of 2014 as receiving an inheritance of three-hundred-sixty-five brand new days. What will I do with it? Use it wisely, or squander it? Unlike money that can be saved, time must be spent, or it will be lost. Every hour that passes is gone forever. Wise use of our time only comes after we are keenly aware of its value, and since there's always more to do than we can handle, it's good to think of our objectives in life. Remember, what I've said about goals? There are five criteria for setting goals:

1. Specific - the first step is to make your goal specific. What do you want to accomplish?

2. Measurable - chart your progress along the way.

3. Achievable - personal abilities, skills and available time must be taken into consideration.

4. Realistic - some goals might require more time or resources that you do not have.

5. Time - setting a date to accomplish something may well increase motivation to get it done

Starting with the right mind set and attitude makes such a difference. Knowing most people are visual as I am, I thought I would share my manifesto with you. These are truly some of the qualities that I constantly work on and try to live by every day. The countdown begins now! What are you going to do with your remaining three-hundred-and-sixty-four days?

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