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Grateful Moments

{This French Bulldog will have to do for now - via IG}

For the longest time I heard about Netflix, but never had the time to look into it nor did I want to, for the nature of it sounds like a time consumer and I barely have a minute to spare most days - on top of which I can barely keep up with my regular DVR recorded TV shows lately. Recently though, we were offered a free month trial with Netflix. I thought heck, let's give it a whirl just to see what it's all about and have decided to check out Revenge with Emily Vancamp who is one of my favorite actresses. Something about her has always drawn me to her - after seeing a few of the episodes of the show, I'm now even more attached to her for her astuteness. Her acting is impeccable and now the hubby and I are hooked on that show. Not to mention, seeing beautiful Long island, NY connects us more to the show as it brings back so many great memories. I was also thinking, for those of us who often wonder and wish to know what life is like behind the doors of the super wealthy, well, this show gives you a real glimpse of the reality of their lives. Abundant wealth never comes without a price, nor does it bring true happiness. In fact, money, power, prestige, and over abundance of material possessions offer no protection against unhappiness or emotional illness. True happiness comes from having a good conscience, living an honest life, including physical well-being, doing good work, fulfillment of creative desires, true friendships, being content with what you have, and having a true intimate relationship with one's creator of course.

{A great statement necklace is a wardrobe must-have to elevate any simple look}

{Looking to sell this lovely gift as I will not use it - stay tuned to what's inside}

{A different take on lemon tarts}

{Inspiring pencils that sure help get through those tough days}

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