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Grateful Moments

{Finally found the right type of slate cheese board without breaking the bank and in the perfect size}

Lately, I feel like time hasn't been on my side, and I know I'm not alone because it seems like that's all everyone has been saying. Obviously, the older you get the faster time goes by and the strain of what seems to be a constant never ending rush, has left me feeling drained, uninspired, tired and sadly, unmotivated. It might be a culmination of so many things but mainly I think homesickness is taking its toll, which means I'm going to lay low this Oscar weekend. However, to ensure that my head doesn't totally hang down low to the point of no return, I've treated myself to a few favorite things that have been on my wishlist forever. Sometimes, you have to get that thing you've always wanted in order to soothe away the painful spots that the journey through life can bring.

{What do you do with an unsightly soap dish attached to your bathroom wall that I wish never existed? Fill it with pretty rose soap petals.}

{Cozy faux fur throw at the foot of the bed adds such instant luxury and glam to a bedroom}

{The cover made me buy this magazine -one that I've not read in years}

{After a year of not settling for any'ol pepper mill, I'm finally happy to have found this copper one. Love it!}

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