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Very JCrew

Club Monaco blazer, Ann Taylor Tank top, skirt and necklace, Steve Madden pumps, Volcom clutch, Vintage sunglasses

Hello everyone! Yes, I'm still alive and kicking. I'm sure all of you tens of my readers were wondering what happened to me (chuckles). Well, between a hectic life and hosting out-of-town visitors, my days fled by in a dizzying rush. I'm still trying to catch my breath around here. Phew! Hope all of you had a fantabulous weekend.

Funny story about this outfit. A week ago, I wore it to a meeting. Afterwards, a colleague came to me and said, "love the outfit. Were you going for a J.Crew look? Is it J.Crew?" I giggled and replied: "really!? No, but thank you!" I thought, 'Uh?! Au contraire, mon ami, J.Crew didn't even cross my mind when I put it together.' She immediately uttered: "Oh, I mean that as a compliment, because I love J.Crew so much that years ago when my best girlfriend was into the Gothic look when it wasn't so popular - I remember bringing her a J.Crew catalog to help her transition her look to the J.Crew style." Now, I did not for one second take offense to that for I do love J.Crew. In fact, I thought, why doesn't that comment come from J.Crew itself so I can get offered a modeling gig for their petite line. Ahem, did you hear that J.Crew? Call me, because I just inadvertently gave you a free promotional shout out by my ensemble choice. I've said it before and I'll say it again here: that it goes to show by your choice of clothing, you unwittingly send a message to onlookers who judge things according to their face value - affecting the impact you have on people you meet and how they treat you. So, what does your choice of clothing reveal about you?

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