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As an adolescent, I remember my first day of adventure heading into Manhattan from Long Island, using the bus to get to the subway and then a long train ride into the city. Up until then I always thought all of those tall buildings were just offices never realizing that many of them were actual residences where people called home. Once I learned about old factories restored into aesthetically pleasing lofts. I've since been desiring the life of a Manhattanite; an all-time dream that I can never seem to relinquish out of my mind.

I even gave up living in a comfortably spacious home of our own, full of modern conveniences/amenities just for the chance to experience what it's like to live in one of those buildings (even if it meant being in one of my least favorite locations) where you get to greet your neighbors with their dogs as they go in and out of the building. The ability to just step out of your home and have cafes, shops, parks and immediately get plugged into that vibrating energy that is felt only on Manhattan island right there at your fingertips is something that I constantly crave. Even though, the love for loft living is strong, which by the way for me is only a Manhattan dream, my taste isn't limited to just loft living. There are other particular style homes that I also love which I'll be featuring in another post soon, but until then, as a way to feast my eyes and heart on its desires, I thought I'd do a roundup of some lovely lofts that have caught my eye lately as a reference for when we're ready to possibly maybe fulfill that dream some day. No dream is ever too big, right?

Loft living with a terrace is the ultimate luxury in Manhattan

Next up, will be my other ultimate dream spaces {part II} - can't wait to share them. How about you? What are your dream spaces that you'd love to live in?

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