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Aside for my love of loft living, I'm just as equally gaga over Tutor style cottages nestled in an array of lush trees. You know, the kind hidden from full sun exposure with climbing ivy around the windows, exposed wooden beam ceilings, large stone fireplaces with rustic mantles, irregular dark hickory mocha wood floors throughout (not limited to this, this kind or this one) and imperfect brick backyards covered in moss or fragrant herbs planted in between the bricks. Not to be overlooked is another style favorite of mine - your typical California style bungalows with beautiful yards laden with citrus trees, wisteria vines, bougainvillea, hydrangeas in abundance (to fill my vases throughout my home) and let's not forget a water fountain of course. Ideally, a bungalow mixed style cottage - melding these two favorites into one would  simply be divine. They are so charmingly delightful, I'm filled with glee just looking at these photos. Are you with me?

This one makes me think of the movie "The Holiday" with the quaint little cottage and its idyllic little town to roam around - just dreamy. Right?!

By the way, great curb appeal is one of the most important things in designing and decorating for me. I view outdoor spaces the same as I would a first interview. It's the first impression at a glance. So it should never be left as the last space to receive design attention. A well manicured front yard enhances the architecture of your home and tells a lot about who lives there. When renting, you may not be able to control how your front yard looks but it shouldn't hold you back from having your front door represent you well with simple things like a beautiful doormat, a pretty planter graced with vibrant flowers and a nice seasonal door wreath. All these little touches can make a world of a difference.

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