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Grateful Moments

{These lovely ranunculus from the farmer's market brightened the edge of my desk this week}

Around this time of year our exploring free-spirited 'let's go check this place and explore that area' life comes to a screeching halt as it's the hubby's busiest season, having tight deadlines to meet. As we go through this phase of the year, our weekends are usually uneventful as a lot of invites to anything get turned down unless, it's a client meeting/luncheon. This weekend however, I'm stoked that we're going to squeeze a date night in just to get out of the madness a little. How about you? What are you doing this weekend?

{Nothing feels cozier than dining al fresco while warming up under these lovely fireplace lanterns}

{New pretty Brazilian pink agate coasters on my cocktail table that make me smile every time}

{Happiest time: quiet evenings with a glass of wine watching my favorite shows}

{This galaxy night light puts me in a trance}

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