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Spring Wishlist: Pastels and Florals

I've never been a seasonal dresser because I dress based on my moods and occasions. But with spring days away, I seem to have been thinking and pinning pastel colors on my inspiration board. To continue my ongoing goal of brightening up my wardrobe, I would love to introduce a few corals and mint colors into my rather doleful fashion wardrobe this spring just to lighten things up a bit. I'm sure living on the west coast with its constant clear skies and spring-like weather almost all year round will impact my fashion choices on a whole new level. I'm liking that possible change and curious to see how far it goes. These are a few of the items that are on my wish list thus far.

{From left to right} Asos mirror floral dress (59.28), Revolve Clothing Mara Hoffman pencil skirt ($198), Wizards of the West stereo floral dress (ON SALE $17.69), SheCloth white blue sleeveless back sheer floral dress ($55.50), Shopruche perfect moment floral skirt ($38.99), Shopbob rustic twilight pencil skirt ($344.10) and this pleated one screams summer breeze.

Which one of these you'd like to get?

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