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Springtime In Paris


When the nighttime, or winter is over and heavy coats and parka season has passed, what then? It's a brilliant new day, a thrilling springtime of bright hues, pastels and florals. I'm sure all of you spring lovers out there must have sprung out of bed this morning eager to take on the day with a sense of renewed spirit barely containing the joy of taking in the beautiful aromas of the shrubs and trees that flower in the spring, like azaleas, camellias, cherries, magnolias, rhododendrons (just to name a few). A carpet of wild flowers give their glorious display adding to the beauty of all that the season has to offer. Man, I love the natural cycle of different seasons! It's such a delight that just adds to the beauty of this planet we call our home. I appreciate how each season has its own attractions. Out of all the four seasons though, I much prefer fall and winter - all the more the reason why I must live in a state where there are seasons. But I'm pretty sure that I'd have a whole new appreciation for springtime if I were to spend it in Paris. Last I checked, I won't be spending spring in Paris this year, but I'll be pretending to be by listening to one of my playlists of favorite Parisian tunes I usual play when I entertain depending on the crowd and the meal for the evening. I wanted to share it with you to help you welcome spring in a more dreamy Parisian kind of way - DaFashionista style;). Hope it's a playlist that'll become your favorite this spring season, or at least put you in a je nais se quoi kind of mood just in case you weren't too thrilled at the arrival of spring.

Happy Spring! 
May it bring you all the happiness 
you need and wish for.


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