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Grateful Moments

{Lush spring blooms are some of the things I enjoy about spring}

It was several conscientious trips to different places (including some fabulous retail therapy) outside the home office this week that made me realize how crucial it is for me to just walk away from the office and get out and about in the open air. Most of the time, the motivation just isn't there, but what a big difference that had on my psyche! Between that and a couple of great phone convos with long time friends checking in after hearing of the quakes out here on the west coast made my week. In the meantime, here are a few selected objects that were the cherry on top of my week....

{Another sweet surprise  package from an old time friend that added to my happy moments}

{Happy hour at home}

{An amalgam of trees and sky that never let you forget that you're in California}

{Necessary daily reminder}

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