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Grateful Moments

{One of my most memorable moments this week - still can't stop thinking about the food}

A quick business trip to Las Vegas and a continuous full schedule of running from one place to another in L.A., has left me crawling in exhaustion this week. I know people love to repeat the cliche 'it's good to be busy.' I agree, but only when it's the type of busy that involves doing something exciting leaving you inspired and/or rejuvenated, and I can't say that's completely been the case. I'm hoping the retreat I have to attend this Saturday perks me up. Keeping conscious that life flies by so quickly is my saving grace in helping me to intentionally savor the moments that I do get to enjoy and the lovely things that I receive in life, and for that I'm grateful.

{Finally got this beauty on my kitchen counter - more baking will be happening around here, which means growing the hubby's pot belly}

{Favorite quote of the moment}

{A wonderful break in routine}

{Can always count on humor to keep me psychologically healthy}

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