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Pastel Lotus {Two Ways}

Look No.1 {without the belt and jacket}: W118 by Walter Baker dress, Boutique9 shoes (seen here), Michael Kors bracelet, Proclaim carry bag.
Look No. 2 {with belt and jacket}: J.G Hook blazer (seen here), Gold sparkly belt

I bought this springy dress last year and never got a chance to wear it until recently. When I laid eyes on it in the store, the style, shape and color immediately drew me right to it. Doesn't it scream spring? What makes me even more fond of this dress besides its comfortable loose fitting easy breezy type material, is its color name: pastel lotus. To my surprise, a color name that lends fresh new meaning and perspective to how I've been dealing with things lately. A name so apropos for two reasons: 1. the lotus leaf metaphorically describes how I was able to cope with this dreadful experience that a few of you have been writing to me about these past couple of weeks. (By the way, thanks for letting me know that my story has inspired and helped you). 2. pastel is "the trend of the moment", which makes me wonder, could I be a fashion forecaster? Or could it be something perceived from the natural hues of blossoming trees and budding flowers in springtime?

Now, a little bit of facts about the lotus leaf for those of you who don't already know. First of all, it's known as a self-cleaning plant. Not because the surface is smooth, as the surface of the lotus leaf is covered with microscopic bumps that are, in turn, covered with wax crystals. Droplets of water that fall on the leaf are suspended on these structures, which act as a water repellent. The slope of the leaf causes the water to roll off before it even has a chance to reach the leaf’s surface. The result? Not only is the lotus leaf kept dry but it is also kept clean, as dirt and dust particles are carried off in the droplets. Precisely why I thought the name of the dress is such a great metaphor for how we deal with things in life. Like this lotus plant, when we face unbearable situations in our lives, whether it be dealing with jealous people, insecure "friends" that relentlessly try to bring you down, criticism, insults, circumstances that we're unable to change presently, bigotry, health issues, financial reversals, family issues or lack thereof etc...etc... it's best to let them bounce right off...

To be honest, when I was hit with the soul cycle saga, it consumed a good chunk of my life and brain power for months (every now and then, it still hits me as I still have some body damage that constantly reminds me of the incident now). What made it worse, is how I was blown off by the company executives when I spoke to them about what happened. They ended up making me feel like an insignificant ant on the ground. What a shame because this is a company that I wholeheartedly promoted. For those trying months, the hubby and two friends had to tell me over and over again to let it go and move on. Really, the great lesson derived from this is to let things roll off your back like "those water droplets roll off the lotus leaf", not letting any negativity rent space or penetrate the mind or heart to the point of immobilization - just move on, accept the changes and work on being a stronger and more complete you. Hard to do, but not impossible. It just takes time and determination.

On a side note: don't I look very different with makeup on? I was experimenting for an upcoming event by applying some eye shadow, mascara and a little bit of black eyeliner on my upper eyelid and eyelash. Finished it with my old MAC studio fix powder (whether it's still good or not, I have no idea. It looks the same as when I bought it - I'm assuming it's all good right?). The hubby doesn't like me with makeup and frankly, I'm not really into it either, but I like the fresh look it gives my face for special occasions.

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