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Spring Garden

JG Hook blazer, NY&Co dress (Love this one and that one), JS shoes, Vince Camuto wallet

When it comes to color I'm not partial. The diverse spectrum of color gives me the same feeling and reaction as you would have when looking at a beautiful garden or a plethora of varied flowers at a farmer's market. Of course, I have certain hues I tend to gravitate towards more {mostly, earth tones; black, brown and grays which I've been slowly working my way out of} than others for sure, thus I go through my phases with color. There was a time that I was very into yellow. So much so that I painted the living room of our first home we bought a 'buttercup yellow' with an amber glaze washed over it and our kitchen a 'sunny yellow' just to cheer up that petite space which turned out lovely, especially with the mural of Greece {similar to this} that I applied on the ever so tiny breakfast nook area opposite the kitchen. We can all agree yellow is a cheerful color.

Just to show you how shameless I am when it comes to color, remember those neon puffy jumpsuits back in the 90's that sounded like rubbing two pieces of sandpaper together when you walk? I owned two: one in bright pink, the second one a bright neon green. I wore them proudly, until one day a friend said "we'd always find you in a crowd..." with an awkward giggle. I think that's when my wearing an almost all black uniform started. Now, I just stick a to an occasional dash of color depending on the mood instead of swimming in head-to-toe bright colors.

Fun fact: Did you know because yellow is the most highly visible of all colors, it is used for positive keywords such as: cheerfulness, fun, enthusiasm, optimism...?

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