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The Los Angeles Philharmonic

This weekend after a rather stressful week leaving us with negative noise in our heads, the hubby and I strayed over to the O.C. (Orange County for those of you who don't know the acronym means) to go see the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Segerstrom center for date night. Dressing up for a night out, especially to go to the theater has always been one of my favorite experiences{what stress?!}. Honestly, there are very few things more enthralling and mentally stimulating than entering into a grand theater with red velvet seating,  seeing the lights dim and listening to the harmonious sound of an orchestra. As the program begun, I found myself ever so slightly drawn in with eyes of wonderment and pleasure as I steadily gazed on how this seventy-three plus giant orchestra played like one musical instrument. I couldn't help but think how less stressful and mad this place would be if only each person when driving yielded to each other as they should - like this beautiful orchestra. There would be less traffic, less road rage, less pointless honking, and most importantly, less accidents. All it takes is the art of being yielding.

Needless to say, the event was magnificently powerful. Watching the talent of Gil Shaham playing the violin so effortlessly and with such joy was definitely a treat. He has to be the happiest violinist I have ever seen. Not to be forgotten is the ever amusing conductor Stéphane Denève. Both provided virtuoso performances, which helped us escape from reality for two hours. I slept so good that night. But what I want to know is this: how come almost every orchestra conductor has the same wild haircut and look? Is that a protocol for them or what? Inquisitive minds want to know.;)

PS: If you haven't been to the theater and in need of good positive mental decompression and recharge, I suggest you go; get a glass of champagne while there - trust me, it's a fanciful experience that sure will leave you feeling energetically revived.

PSS: I didn't even get a chance to take photos of the outfit beforehand {to be frank, the traffic issue in this town eats up a lot of my time and energy. Would you believe on the way there we confronted an 8 car pileup on the highway that completely stopped traffic for over 30 minutes!!  Again, if people would have yielded this accident that caused so much inconvenience and unnecessary stress probably would have been avoided}, plus I felt the pictures would have come out cheesy looking with the iPhone camera as the hubby offered to take my picture in front of the hall when we got there after the sun had already set. But I have an outfit post for tomorrow that's a far cry from my normal style. So check back tomorrow fellow Fashionistas and let me know what ya'll think.

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