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25 Things That Make Me Happy

When I receive magazines in the mail, the first place I often go straight to is the editor's page where they list their favorite things/trends for the season. I feel so inspired and joyful reading them that it's impelled me to make a list of the things in life that make me happy. And as much as I'd like to confidently say without batting an eyelash that I'm an optimist that always sees the glass half full instead of half empty, I'd be lying to myself and to you, my dear readers. Life experiences coupled with an acute intuition that almost never fails, you can't help but see things differently, look at things more realistically. Hence, I thought keeping a daily list of the things that bring me pleasure and happiness would be a great idea. Intentionally noting things that bring you joy not only helps to stay focused on your blessings, but also comes in handy when those negative feelings creep in the mind. Keeping such a journal serves as a way to lift the spirits (thus, the reason why I started my grateful moment posts a while back). Without further ado, here's a small list of 25 things that make me happy.

1. Fresh flowers in every room. Especially low and lush. They never fail to enliven a room - adding a luxurious touch to any space.

2. Decorating. It's a process that fills me so deeply that it's like food for me. I can go a whole day without eating and not even realize it or feel hungry when I'm involved in a decorating project. That's why I need more gigs in the L.A area while I'm here {email me;} so as to keep me from eating my way around town, thus avoiding the pounds that have been creeping in.

3. Cuddling On The Couch With The Hubby. Watching our favorite recorded shows by candlelight with a favorite libation and snacks wrapped in a soft throw.

4. Pretty Mugs. Occasionally, I come across a mug that I can't pass up due to it's shape, design or color. Also, just the act of holding a mug in my hand(s), I find to be extremely cozy.

5. High Tea Party. Hosting a sophisticated tea party or attending one, vibrates my soul to its deepest level of happiness. Yes, seriously! One of the reasons why I love England so much. I still have to try the afternoon high tea at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills.

6. Well-Organized Closets and Drawers. Nothing makes me feel more satisfied than opening a closet door or a drawer and seeing everything in its place. That's why I never understood the term "junk drawer." To me if it's called junk, it means exactly that - so chuck it!

7. Road Trips. Whether it be to our favorite vineyards or leisurely driving across country exploring - taking in the beauty of the earth helps me to remember how wonderful our planet is and helps me forget all the madness in this world.

8. Entertaining Friends. That's my place of "YES." I find it to be better than any holiday celebration, for it is something I make time to do not just once a year, but often throughout the year. It gives me the chance to celebrate life and those that I love. Plus, making others feel special brings me such deep pleasure beyond words.

9. Weekend Morning Breakfast/Brunch. Whether I make my own little spread at home {I can actually smell the great aroma of making french press coffee, homemade fresh orange juice, flipping those delicate crepes...} or go to a favorite spot, it's one of my happiest moments.

10. Well Decorated Restaurants and Hip Bar/Lounges. With moody lighting, great tunes playing in the background, great service, an amazing cocktail and wine list, and cozy private seating - it's even more enchanting if there's a patio with strings of twinkly lights. I think my heart just melted writing this.

11. Desserts. One thing about this little tiny frame (well, not so tiny lately) of mine is no matter how full I am, I always have that extra room for dessert. Especially, for creme brulee, decadent cupcakes {the fresh buttery moist kind}, pot de creme, Panna cotta, and mochi ice cream. Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.....

12. Downtown New York City Vintage/Flea Markets In The Summer. Ever since my childhood, I always gravitated to unique {different} things that you wouldn't see everywhere. Those shopping excursions never failed in making me jump with glee in finding that conversation piece or the item of clothing that I'd get, "huh, that's different..." Or spending a lazy Saturday strolling the streets in Soho, window shopping.

13. Magazines and Coffee Table Books. I'm obsessed with design, fashion, food, travel magazines and coffee table books. Something about looking at beautiful images - often transport me to the places and spaces that I live in my imaginary mind. Changing any potential gloomy face to an exhilarating revived one.

14. Shoes. Not just any shoes, but high heel shoes with structure that looks like art and enhance the feet. This has been an obsession that started at the age of three, so I was well on my way long before the show Mad Men "elevated the world's fashion." My mother only owned stilettos, which explains my inability to walk in flats. If I were starving and had to choose to use my money to eat or buy that killer pair of shoes, guess what I'd spend the money on? Yup. If you said shoes, you're a true Fashionista. "Give a girl the correct footwear and she can conquer the world." Bette Midler.

Rain drops on a window pane.

15. The Sound of Rain Drops. Tapping on my windows while in bed is the most relaxing ever. Occasional grey days motivate me for some reason.

16. A Well-Scented Home. I'm beyond obsessed with candles, especially great scented ones. I love when I walk into my house and it smells divine {no funk please!}. I often burn candles for a couple of hours before I leave the house, so it can be fragrant when I come back home after a day out. I especially love to burn Baieswild fig and cassis, Rose, moss and mint {more of my ultimate favorites here} during the spring and summer months.

17. Unexpected cards or packages in the mail. It's one of those things that normally almost brings me to tears just knowing that someone else actually thought of me or cared enough to send me something in the mail. Not to mention the excitement of opening the package! I'm very old-fashioned when it comes to that stuff. I still write people cards - handmade ones since I feel they're more personal...showing that person how much you care for them.

18. Sidewalk Cafes. Preferably, downtown Manhattan where I can sip on a favorite bevvy while people watching, especially on a lovely spring or cool summer afternoon where the trees are full and lush with the sunset peaking through and a soft breeze brushing through. That is one of my all-time favorite ways to completely decompress as I love to watch the world go by one car and individual at a time often wondering - what's their story? Just heavenly! I know. I'm weird.

19. A Good Snow Day. When everything shuts down and the fresh fallen glistening white snow dresses everything, transforming it into sparkling jewels. It's such a great way to relax without feeling guilty that you're wasting a day on the couch watching a good movie. Might not be fun to drive in to or look at afterwards, especially when it turns into snirt or ice but it's one of the season's blessings that I enjoy immensely.

20. Beautiful Pendant Lighting. Yes, I'm serious. I'm a wee-bit obsessed with sparkly pendant lamps. Over the years, I've somehow gathered an obscene amount of photos of light fixtures that have stopped me dead in my tracks at different restaurants, hotels, and design shops I've frequented. I really miss shopping for lighting for decorating jobs. The excitement of purchasing that perfect chandelier for a space is exhilarating. It's like getting to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

21. Fall Time. Hands down is when I feel my happiest for so many reasons than I can describe. For one thing, it's the most inviting time of year with its warm colorful foliage, the crisp cool air, the seasonal vegetables, and rich food. The season inspires me to bake, make creamy rich squash/pumpkin soups, entertain friends even more, decorate with passion, plus the fashion is so much more chic in the fall.

22. Furry Plush Things. Such as luxe layers. Faux fur throws, pillows, blankets, robes, cashmere scarves, sweaters, boot linings, hats, rugs, towels {including my four-legged furry's just too bad we travel so much and don't have the time to have them in our lives right now.} but really there are a few things that are more inviting than these layers of softness to add that hint of elegance and cuddle with.

23. Quaint Bed and Breakfast. Ever since a friend invited us to vacation with them in the Catskills for our second wedding anniversary, I've fallen in love with the concept and have been wanting to open one myself. The intimate personalized service and warm cozy atmosphere is one that makes you feel like being a guest at a great friend's house that is set on making your stay pleasurable. For someone without a family, I love it because it makes me feel like as if I've made a trek to visit some far away family members where I get to wake up to a house aromatically filled with fresh lovely breakfast in the morning. The key is, is to make sure your first experience is a great one. So pick wisely.

24. Picnic in Central Park. Is one of my most fond memories. It was an exciting adventure that I used to look forward to during spring and summer. A drive that was worth doing from Long Island to Manhattan for the day. The hubby and I enjoyed lounging under the trees with the rowboat house in  bird's eye view, reading a few favorite magazines, while snacking on grapes, crackers, cheese and sparkling cider. The best spring and summers ever. Aah, memories.

25. Lounging Around In A Hotel Room. Hands down the best feeling when I can stay in a plush soft robe all day, ordering high class room service while watching a favorite movie in bed at a hotel - to me, it's ultimate luxury (especially after I'm done with my quick routine) when I don't have to think about what I'm going to make for the week is or keeping up with household chores.

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  1. I really love your gorgeous fashion magazines as I crave for their sweet scented soft glossy feeling fashion pages and your gorgeous collection of shoes really excites me.