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Grateful Moments

{One of the most elegant rope ceiling/room I have ever seen. Love it!}

Sometimes when life's overwhelming days turn into weeks or even months, you just have to change the pace and routine for good mental health. In my case, it calls for going on a vacation away from the mundane day-to-day rut where I can just mentally purge and get some fresh air with the goal of returning with renewed energy and possibly new ideas. I'll be sharing a few snippets of my quick getaway via Instagram, so go over and follow me there. I wish you all a fantastic stress-free weekend!

{Beautiful tulips from a friend gracing my office's "craft service" tray}

{Hosted a simple Sunday dinner this past weekend}

{Cafe nestled in a paradise jungle in the middle of the city}

{Relaxing patio brunch under the trees next to the fish pond}

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