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Grateful Moments

{The coziest new wine bar in the neighborhood to sip wine al fresco}

Happy Friday! I wish you all have a great weekend. Out of this whole week, what and/or who have you been inspired by? I'm curious and would love to hear. Please share in the comment box below. For me, I always find Kelly Ripa inspiring - that's a given. LOVE HER! But lately, I'm also inspired by Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban on American Idol. Their enthusiasm about music is contagious, it makes me feel alive, happy and not so out there for gesturing a lot {including my whole body sometimes} when I speak. I just think it means you're passionate about what you're talking about. Anyhow, here are some other things that energized me this week.

{Watched this and thought: what an amazingly bittersweet concept}

{Love the homie feel of this place}

{This image made me envisioned how lovely it would be to live in such an enchanting little town like this - image via: @NatGeoPix}

{Seating on this patio always means a relaxing afternoon lunch, plus the chic ceiling fixtures are lovely to look at}

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