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Summer Plans {Part One}

With summer lurking around the bend and a season that's never been one that I look forward to mainly because I don't enjoy the uncomfortably intense sun singeing the hair on my arms, skin or sweat in general for that matter. However, being on the west coast this summer where it doesn't get too unbearably hot (as long as you stay out of the direct sunlight), I'm hoping the hubby and I can finally have the chance to do a lot of the things we've been wanting to see and experience while we're here and out of the busy work season. It's easy to get discouraged if you don't have anything to focus on or look forward to, so I decided it would help to put together a list of some of our intended plans for this season, which honestly kind of have me looking forward to this summer apart from the celebration of our wedding anniversary. I'm hoping by having definitive plans of what to do already laid out instead of the last minute "hey, let's do this today or that this weekend..." might revive my love for summer plans from now on instead of dreading it. Now, I have to amp up my barely there summer wardrobe for this season's excursions.

1. Check out the LACMA Museum that I've heard so much about.

2. Make a day trip to Heisler Park and eat at Las Brisas while taking in the ocean views.

3. Discover some of the top hiking trails where I can have an aerial view of the valley. That's why I'm a little excited about #6 on the list.

4. Hoping to cross off a long-time goal from the wish list by going to Yosemite National Park.

5. Since high tea is one of my favorite things to enjoy - I definitely want to treat myself to some afternoon tea at Hotel Bel Air, The Montage Beverly Hills, and The Peninsula Beverly Hills

7. Go treasure hunting at Olvera Street. I've been told that I would find it interesting, so it's a must-see on my list.

8. Delve into making strawberry jam to give to friends as an "I appreciate you" surprise gift.

9. Check out quaint Larchmont Village and compare the Dyptique store there to my usual one on the upper east side of Manhattan.

10. Discover eateries {especially a good Chinese food restaurant}with outdoor seating overflowing with delicious treats.

11. Make a trek to the famous rose bowl flea market that's constantly being mentioned as one of the places for vintage finds, which is right up my alley.

12. Malibu country mart that a friend told us about - sounds like a lovely place to pass a Sunday afternoon.

13. Take time to really explore downtown a little bit more than the couple of streets we drove through when we first arrived here.

14. Definitely excited to go back to Solstice Canyon in Malibu.

15. Strawberry picking is also a must on the list, so I can get to be with nature and of course stock up for plan #8.

What is your typical summer like? What are you favorite summer activities here in Southern California? Can you suggest where I can find a great Chinese food restaurant, the best spots for cronuts, and pizza?

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