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Black Evening Gown {Option 1} Modern Romantic

As thrilling and exciting it is to be part of a wedding bridal party, I'm much happier being a guest at a wedding than being part of the actual event. Though I felt honored to be considered and selected to be part of a friend's upcoming wedding as previously mentioned here, I must admit that it's also a rather challenging responsibility - dare I say even stressful when it comes to finding that perfect dress. Especially when every girl in the bridal party is given the option to wear whatever black gown they want. Can you imagine the different types of dresses everyone will have as they select something that fits their personal style and shape? But a great girlfriend is always there when her friend needs her, right? Granted, I'm not the one getting married, so I don't have to worry about looking just as gorgeous as the bride so savvy shopping comes into play. The key is to buy a practical gown that doesn't scream bridesmaid and can be used again for other occasions. Besides, you never want to outshine a bride on her wedding day regardless if that person is a close friend or not. Having that in the back of mind is making my search a tad more challenging as well - apart from the fact that I'd prefer a gown with long sleeves (for some reason most evening gowns are off-the-shoulders or strapless, and that's not going to really work for my needs) as this will be an evening wedding on a lake. I'm a chilly willy and would hate to be the bridesmaid with the chattering teeth. Thus far, this is one of my black gown options, spiced up with a little touch of metallic to keep things from veering towards boring.

1. Ralph Lauren Black Gown With Lace Top And Sleeves $74.99
3. Glamorous Crystal Drop Earrings $32
4. Jessica McClintock Mesh Minaudi Box Clutch $43.99
5. Bebe Floral And Stone Bracelet $29.99 (I love an unexpected touch)

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