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Entertaining at Home

Forever21 Blouse (old), Yumi Leather Skirt (styled here), Steve Madden Shoes (styled here), Feather Earrings (styled here and here)

For as long as I can remember, I used to prefer playing high tea party with my dolls (who were dressed to the nines I might add) under my bunk bed instead of playing outside with other children, though most times that wasn't really an option due to having a controlling tyrannical father. {By the way, I may or may not have had full on conversations with my dolls - imagining what each one was saying as they "entered the party"...saying: Hello, dah-ling as they unwrapped their boa-like fur scarves from their necks...Um yes, I've always had an overactive imagination}. One thing I quickly discovered at a very young age was that no matter what craziness was going on in my household, I found my place of solitude and happiness in entertaining, fashion and decor. Although as a child it was a life of pretending, it gave me peace of mind. As I got older, that love for those things only amplified. I love cooking and entertaining so much that I remember at the age of 15, I planned an elaborate dinner party for out-of-town friends at the home of my best friend's mom. And ever since that dinner, it seems that on the majority of occasions, I would always be summoned to be the chef and decorator of the events, which I thoroughly enjoyed and still do to this day.

On rare occasions, I encounter some that will say to me, "you must have a lot of energy to do that stuff..." Honestly, it's not because I have a lot of energy - "that stuff" consisting of interior design, organizing, fashion styling, prepping for a party, and entertaining at home are the things that actually fuel me and give me energy. The key to life really is to find what it is that drives you and makes you want to wake up in the morning. Whatever that thing is, it's best not to quickly shove it aside as a far-fetched dream. Rather, focus on it and give it your all. Find a way to make it part of what you do every day and you'll experience this inner contentment that will impel you to be kind, happy, thoughtful, selfless and inspire you on a level that you never thought possible. Because when we do what we love, it relaxes our heart and quenches any lingering inner turmoil, making us be the best that we can be in society. As for me, I derive true contentment and joy in anything that can transform someones life, whether it be through food, decor or planning the event of their life. Making others feel good, makes me feel good. That is why I especially love to entertain at home which I do often because food is a way to most people's hearts and what greater happiness can be had then with the pleasure of good camaraderie, sharing delicious meals with friends where laughter, good conversation and great flavors all meld together in a wonderful ambient setting.

Any clue as to what I was preparing here for my guests recently? Well, keep your eye out this week for the recipe of what I was making in these photos. It's my new summer go-to beverage. It's a twist on another traditional favorite. So come back soon!

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